If you check out our website frequently, you'll have noticed that we've been trying to get it updated for a long time now. Suffice it to say that our website building experience has not been what we hoped. And regardless of what those "website" websites say, they just do NOT have what it takes to host our site. We're not even that hard! But I guess that if you don't fit their specific mold, you're out of luck.

The somewhat good news is that we've started building our new site in Word Press. And hope to have it rolled out soon with a lot a good features that are actually useful to you. So stick with us.


What's New?

Our new website will do a lot of things that our old one could not. Read through the items below to learn a bit more about how we are continuing to grow to support you.

No Fake "Sales"

One thing that isn't new: we still do not play that fake "sale today only" game. We know prints can be expensive. That's why we started Oberon in the first place - we didn't want to pay those prices either. But we want you to know that the prices you see today aren't going to suddenly go away because you didn't order today. Nobody really has 80% off sales every day and stays in business. But if they just admit the 80% off price is their everyday price, you might not buy today. And that's OK with us. We'd rather you buy when you are ready to buy. And the funny thing is that even with their 80% off sales, our prices are still often better!

Place Your Order On-line

You've always been able to send files to us, but now you'll actually be able place your entire order on-line. You don't have to, of course. You can always call us and chat. We love that! But if you want, you'll be able to place most simple straight-forward orders on line.

Professional Accounts

While Oberon Printing began by providing great service to students, artists and everyday folks, we have picked up quite a loyal following of industry professions. Interior designers, gallery currators, and photographers enjoy wholesale pricing. And soon they will be able to manage their account on-line. Automated capture of ST-3 information will help to eliminate issues with Sales and Use Tax for resellers. And the Oberon Market is coming back to boot!

Canvas Prints

We started our business based on Canvas Prints. And canvas still makes up 75% of what we do today. We proudly still offer our Standard and Gallery wrapped canvas prints at affordable prices. We of course offer unwrapped prints as well to those who are looking to frame or stretch their own. Our Oberon Satin finish is our most popular, but we also offer our Oberon Matte finish. And for those looking for the best quality, our Exhibition Canvases offer the best color reproduction out there.

Wait, what? You didn't know there were different levels of quality? The other guys don't offer that? Well, I can understand why they don't. The discount canvas business really is a "one size fits all" approach. You upload your image to them, they have a software bot that groups them all together with everyone elses. And they print them out with everyone elses print completely ignoring the details that might take your image from OK to Fantastic! But we think a "once in a life-time" portrait is more valuable than a basic canvas print of some random selfie. We think you probably do to. That's why we offer different levels of canvas quality - at different price points - all with the same level of customer service quality. You get to pick and choose. Yeah, it's not as fast as "snap and upload." But it is a lot more satisfying at the end of the day.